Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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“Grand Paris” is a study carried out by ten teams of researchers and city planners in the aim of putting forward general guidelines for Paris urban area’s evolution by 2030. All the teams suggest making the area “greener” in some way, to combat climate warming by CO2 sequestration.
A pesar de la supuesta suavidad climática, los fenómenos meteorológicos adversos tienen graves consecuencias en Canarias. Aún así los estudios sobre estas cuestiones son sólo parciales.
To study the relationship between mortality and temperature in Cantabria, a Spanish region that includes both rural and urban areas.
Pinus pinaster Ait. is found in the Iberian Peninsula under Mediterranean and Atlantic conditions. Both climates encounter each other in Galicia (NW Spain), where two bioclimatic regions can be differentiated: coastal and inland.
Climate change will further increase the risk of desertification, which is already affecting large areas of the world. Many countries are making investments for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies to combat desertification.
The tourism-recreation sector is increasingly recognized as a climate-sensitive economic sector, with both supply- (tourism operators, destination communities) and demand-side stakeholders (tourists) directly affected by climate and its indirect influence on a wide range of environmental resources t
The success of private industry has long been sensitive to weather conditions. Accordingly, companies regularly adjust their business practices with change in the weather and the climate.
Many regions in Europe are vulnerable to climate change impacts and these have already been observed in many human and natural systems. There is therefore a need for all European countries to adapt to climate change.
Many of the decisions relating to future urban development require information on climate change risks to cities This review of the academic and “grey” literature provides an overview assessment of the state of the art in the quantification and valuation of climate risks at the city-scale.
In the coming decades, the Mediterranean region is expected to experience various climate impacts with negative consequences on agricultural systems and which will cause uneven reductions in agricultural production.