Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Clima y escenarios de cambio climático

Fossil land snail shells found in ancient soils on the subtropical eastern Canary Islands show that the Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa has become progressively drier over the past 50,000 years.
Historical documentary sources in the Canary Islands have been used to construct cereal production series for the period 1595–1836. The cereal growth period in this region covers essentially the rainy season, making these crops adequate to characterize the annual precipitation.
Las masas de aire sahariano, acompañadas habitualmente por polvo en suspensión, afectan con asiduidad a las Islas Canarias y sus manifestaciones más extremas suponen un riesgo climático de primer orden.
La obra presenta las comunicaciones al VIII congreso Internacional AEC (Salamanca, 2012) distribuidas en tres ponencias: I: Escenarios y modelos climáticos (22 comunicaciones) II: Variabilidad climática y extremos (45 comunicaciones) III: Impactos climáticos (30 comunicaciones)
In this paper we produce projections of seasonal precipitation for four Mediterranean areas: Apulia region (Italy), Ebro river basin (Spain), Po valley (Italy) and Antalya province (Turkey).
This paper examines the spatial and temporal rainfall characteristics of the region of Valencia, Western Mediterranean Basin (east Spain), during the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) normal period 1961–1990.
A pesar de la supuesta suavidad climática, los fenómenos meteorológicos adversos tienen graves consecuencias en Canarias. Aún así los estudios sobre estas cuestiones son sólo parciales.
Optimum climate conditions for grapevine growth are limited geographically and may be further challenged by a changing climate. Due to the importance of the winemaking sector in Europe, the assessment of future scenarios for European viticulture is of foremost relevance.
A strong decreasing trend in the Canary Islands' precipitation is detected by studying daily rainfall time series for the second half of the 20th century.
We present a review of climate change projections over the Mediterranean region based on the most recent and comprehensive ensembles of global and regional climate change simulations completed as part of international collaborative projects.