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What do climate models tell us about the winter North Atlantic Oscillation?.


This poster builds upon the earlier work of Osborn et al. (1999), Ulbrich et al. (1999), Zorita & Gonzalez-Ruoco (2000) and others, in evaluating and applying climate model simulations to answer a number of questions about the North Atlantic Oscillation. This study expands the comparison to include six different global climate models, and is being written up with full details and an extended discussion for submission to a scientifi c journal. Throughout this work, seasonal-mean winter (December to March) sea level pressure (SLP) data are used, and the North Atlantic Oscillation and its index are defi ned as the leading empirical orthogonal function (EOF) and associated principal component (PC) time series of the Atlantic half of the Northern Hemisphere SLP fi eld.
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AGU Chapman Conference "The North Atlantic Oscillation"
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Ambito Geografico