Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change UNFCCC- Paris COP-21

Future climate change projections indicate that previously unprecedented extreme weather events may become the norm rather than the exception and it is widely agreed that such events – in combination with other drivers of population exposure and vulnerability – will amplify the risk and challenges of displacement over the 21st century (IPCC 2014). Well-managed migration, whether circular, temporary or undertaken with the intention to settle elsewhere, has the potential to increase the resilience of climate vulnerable populations by creating new livelihood opportunities and strengthening resilience to future risks. The Paris Agreement and decisions represent a unique opportunity for Parties to the UNFCCC to prevent and reduce climate change-related displacement by encouraging and supporting the planning and implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies.
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Advisory Group on Climate Change and Human Mobility, COP-21
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