Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Adapting Transport to Climate Change and Extreme Weather. Implications for Infrastructure Owners and Network Managers

This report addresses the fundamental challenges that climate change poses to infrastructure owners, who face two major challenges. First, they must ensure continued asset performance under sometimes significantly modified climate conditions that may decrease the present value of their networks or increase maintenance and refurbishment costs. Second, they must build new assets in the context of changing and uncertain climate variables. This creates a risk of over- or under-specification of infrastructure design standards, potentially resulting in non-productive investments or network service degradation. This report investigates strategies that can help transport authorities contain network performance risks inherent in changing patterns of extreme weather.
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ITF Research Reports, OECD Publishing. Paris
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Adaptar el transporte al cambio climático y a las condiciones meteorológicas extremas
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