Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Participate in AdapteCCa

AdapteCCa is an open and collaborative platform that thrives on the contributions of all people working on climate change adaptation. Anyone interested can register on the platform both to receive news and to actively participate in it.

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If you want to receive our newsletter, you can sign up here: AdapteCCa subscription.

Do you want to be part of the AdapteCCa community?

Once you have registered on the platform, you will be able to assign a password to your account and have your own user profile. From this profile, you will be able to:

  • Incorporate resources and calls for proposals on climate change adaptation to the platform.
  • Interact with the AdapteCCa community (registered users).
  • Create working groups and participate in them.

Other ways to contribute to AdapteCCa

Whether you are registered or not, at any time you can also propose specific contents for the platform through this form. These contents can be:

Thank you very much for participating!