Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Funding opportunities to support research projects on adaptation to climate change are open

Online in European Commission website.
1 July 2023 to 20 September 2023

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En el marco del Programa de Trabajo Horizonte Europa 2023-2024.

Las siguientes convocatorias se cerrarán el 20 de septiembre de 2023:

  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-01: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions increasing climate resilience of the agriculture and/or forestry sector
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-02: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure from climate change, mainstreaming nature based solutions
  • HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-01-03: Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to build resilience towards health risks caused by the effects of climate change
  • Joint demonstration with the Ocean Mission and the Soil Mission: Demonstrate at regional scale an integrated approach to increasing landscape water retention capacity – deadline to apply is 20 Sept 2023 

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