Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Information by Autonomous Community


Climate change is an evident reality and has global effects. As a continental geographical location, Extremadura will be affected and climate changes will be greater. Accordingly, the Autonomous Community of Extremadura drafted and passed the Strategy for Climate Change of Extremadura 2009-2012, which was followed by the creation of climate change Observatory of Extremadura as the body responsible for overseeing and fostering active policies in the fight against climate change. Said body is currently developing the new Strategy for Climate Change of Extremadura 2013-2020, which will continue the previous framework document.

The work carried out by climate change Observatory includes studying anticipated climate effects and developing the corresponding adaptation measures. In response to the need for discovering the magnitude of the changes to the main climate variables, the Regionalised Climate Change Scenarios of Extremadura were developed for the periods 2011-2040 and 2041-2070 under scenarios A2 and B2. By way of conclusion, the main changes to climate variables that have been anticipated are as follows: Increase in temperatures: annual average, maximum and minimum, increase of extreme phenomena (especially heatwaves), reduction of annual precipitation levels and changes to annual precipitation patterns.

After defining the anticipated climate changes, the corresponding Climate Change Impacts Map and Adaptation Plans were drawn up for the following sectors: agriculture, cattle farming, natural risks and insurance, water resources, health, energy and tourism; the corresponding documents for the biodiversity and forestry sectors are in progress.