Plataforma sobre Adaptación al Cambio Climático en España

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Castilla y León

Adaptation to climate change in Castilla y León includes individual analyses based on the various subjects that require examination.

First of all, an assessment is made of the magnitude and intensity of climate change in the territory of Castilla y León according to the regionalised climate change scenarios drawn up by the AEMET. This study will be used as a starting point for later studies on the impacts, adaptation and vulnerability of the different sectors: farming, health, tourism, territorial and town planning, forestry ecosystems, transport, biodiversity, terrestrial ecosystems, water resources, insurance and energy, etc.

The main methods and structure of the Programme for Adaptation to climate change will be as follows:

  • Analysis of the Regional Climate Scenarios drawn up by the AEMET.
  • Territorial and sectoral characterisation of Castilla y León. 
  • Vulnerability assessment. 
  • Diagnosis and analysis of potential impacts. 
  • Definition and preparation of adaptation measures.

So far, studies have been completed for the farming, health and tourism sectors.